Seminar: Automata Theory (Master)


Winter Term 2015/2016



+49 241 80 21712




Subject of this seminar are original works and overview articles concerning automata theory, usually with emphasis in the vicinity of the lecture Applied Automata Theory. Active participation of this lecture or similar lectures in previous terms including the exercises are helpful in handling the topics and will be considered when apointing the slots.

It is a seminar of theoretical computer science. It will be required that the students know how to handle abstract models and mathematical proof.



  • general information will be given at the initial meeting in the Slides from the introduction.
  • Withdrawal from the seminar without a failed record is possible up to 3 weeks before the presentation, so up to the 29.09.2015.
  • The seminar is held on three block dates at the end of the semester.
  • The presentations will be given in the seminar room at i7.


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