Computer Science Lab for Mathematicians


Summer term 2017



The students should master in small groups and in the frame of collectively created specifications the primary elements of software engineering. It involes the development of regular-expression-engines and the application of them. While implementing they should consider the pro and contra of the different algorithms for their respective fields of application. They should create a documentation of the sourcecode inLaTeX.

Amongst other things the Praktikum teaches: an introduktion to regular expressions, their Syntax, Semantic, and typical applications. Basic algorithmic approaches for implementation of regular expression engines, and their space and time compexity. Discussion of the diffenrent semantics and their algorithmic implementation. Specification, design and implementation of components from a grander program. Using the during this course implemented engines for a test scenario.


This course is only open for students with major in mathematics.



The tasks of this practical course will usually be worked on during certain dates in the computer pool of the faculty of computer science.

Time and Place

The appointments will be determined in a dialog with the participants. Certain parts of the tasks can be worked on from home. During the lecture free time in the winter semester certain basics have to be prepard before beginning the practical course.





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