Practical course: Machine Learning for Sales Prediction in Retail







In this practical course you will predict sales figures based on real data from a selection of markets in Aachen. Predictions may depend on various factors such as day of the week, season, weather or special events such as the start of a winter term, as well as many others.



The tasks of the course will be solved in teams of three to four persons. The meetings will consist mostly of a presentation of achieved results and insights as well as a discussion of the next set of tasks.

In the lab course we will use git, python3, pyspark. Further, you can use e.g. Jupyter or PyCharm for development, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost an Spark-ML for machine learning and pandas or plotly for visualisation. This is left to your choice.

The course takes place in cooperation with REWE Systems.

Time and Place

The dates are set in acordance with the participants.



No formal requirements. Interest in and knowledge from data science and machine learning are helpful.


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