Seminar: Probabilistic Databases


Winter Term 2014/2015



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A big amount of programs has to work with data, that is either incomplete, corrupt or in another way "insecure". Typical sources of such data are sensor data or sources from the internet. In probalistic databases such data will be added a probalisitc attribute, that reflects this "insecurity". As in any other database system you can query these data pools and get of course an "insecure" answer with probabilities attached.

In this seminar we want to uncover the basis of probalisitc databases. We wil ask theoretical questions about the model, the semantic of the query language, algorithms to compute these querys and questions of complexity.



The seminar is on block. The most probabel date is the 4th and 5th of February 2015, the Wednesday and Thursday in the last week of the term. The introduction with assignments will be on Monday, the 13.10.2014 at 2pm in the seminar room of the i7 in room 4116.


Martin Grohe



You can get a brief insight of the topic with this book:

Dan Suciu, Dan Olteanu, Christopher Ré, Christoph Koch, Probabilistic Databases. Morgan and Claypool, 2011.

More literature will be announced later on.


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