Practical Course: Implementing regular expressions in java


Winter term 2017/2018


Lecture Dates

Mon, 10:00am - 1:00pm (4U15)



The students should master in small groups and in the frame of collectively created specifications the primary elements of software engineering. It involes the development of regular-expression-engines and the application of them. While implementing they should consider the pro and contra of the different algorithms for their respective fields of application. They should create a documentation of the sourcecode inLaTeX

Part I: Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are a common tool for programming. They can be used to find text snippets of a certain structure, that satisfy the so called regular expression. With the help of regular expressions spam-filters are implemented. During this practical course you will get to know two different aproaches, that will also be implented. Furthermore a parser for regualr expressiosn should be created.

Part II: Working with LaTeX

In the fields of science journalism the professional typsetting system LaTeX is used to create papers, essays and books. While office programs use WYSIWYG, meaning the screen and print are identical, LaTeX documents need files that also include logical structures and formating. The latex binary creates .dvi files, that are device independent and can be translated in a Variety of other file types. To print it will be necessary to create a ps or pdf file. The tasks will include among other things text formating, tables, formulas, graphics and presentations.


This practical course is only open to students with a major in communications-engineering either bachelor or magister.



The tasks of the practical course are usually worked on during certain dates in the machine pool of the computer science faculty.

Time and Place

The dates are set in acordance with the participants. Some of the work can also be done from home. During the class free time in the winter term students will have to prepare for this course.





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