Masterarbeiten am i7

Name Abgabe Gutachter Thema
Max Philip Stachon SS 21 Löding Learning and Minimization of omega-Automata in the Presence of Don't Care Words
Erik van Loo WS 20/21 Löding Learning Algorithms for Languages of Infinite Trees
Florian Frantzen WS 20/21 Grohe Connectivity and Routing using Graph Neural Networks
Michael Scholkemper WS 20/21 Grohe Detecting Substructures with Graph Neural Networks
León Bohn SS 20 Löding Simulation Relations for Büchi Automata and their Effect on Determinisation
Stefanie Winkler SS 20 Grohe Graph Autoencoder für chemische Komponenten
Paul Kirchhefer SS 20 Löding Algorithmen für das Sternhöhenproblem für reguläre Sprachen
Jan Tönshoff WS 19/20 Grohe Unsupervised Machine Learning for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Jan Uthoff WS 19/20 Löding Comparing different representations of derministic parity automata
Maximilian Merz WS 19/20 Grohe Algorithms for counting homomorphisms from small treewidth graphs
Paul Yassin Bahloul WS 19/20 Grohe Algorithms for Maximum Matching Width
Marcel Faßbender WS 19/20 Löding Learning Multiplicity Automata in the exact learning model and from shortest counter examples
Christopher Hugenroth SS 19 Löding Separation Problems for Languages of Infinite Words
Andreas Tollkötter WS 18/19 Löding State Space Reduction for Parity Automata
Timo Gervens WS 18/19 Grohe Spectral Graph Similarity
Eva Fluck WS 18/19 Grohe Real-Valued Connectivity Systems
Jan Böker WS 18/19 Grohe Structural Similarity and Homomorphism Counts
Hinrikus Wolf WS 18/19 Grohe Colour Refinement and Fractional Isomorphism on Weighted Structures
Lasse Nitz WS 18/19 Löding Optimizations for the Complementation of Büchi Automata
Christoph Welzel SS 18 Löding Automata-theoretic synthesis for probabilistic environments
Mannel, Lisa WS 17/18 Grohe Algorithmic Approaches to Testing Isomorhism of Graphs of bounded treewidth
Patrick Smandzich WS 17/18 Löding Learning Algorithms for Tree Automata
Philipp Niemietz SS 17 Grohe The Complexity of Graph Homomorphism
Christopher Spinrath WS 16/17 Löding Eintscheidungsprobleme für Rationale Relationen über endlichen und unendlichen Wörtern
Martin Ritzert WS 16/17 Grohe PAC-Learning Definable Concepts
Oliver Scheel WS 16/17 Grohe Scheduling mit Verfügbarkeitszeiten und Setupkosten
Jochen Schmücking SS 16 Löding Analyse iterativer Lernverfahren für endliche Automaten
Dirk Hauptmann SS 16 Löding Die Komplexität des Leerheitsproblems für Automaten auf unendlichen Bäumen
Yanfie Wang SS 16 Grohe Explorations of the PATH algorithm
Phillip Keldenich WS 15/16 Grohe Random Robust Graph Isomorphism
Neuen, Daniel WS 15/16 Schweitzer Graph Isomorphism for Geometric Graphs
Tim Adrian Hartmann WS 15/16 Grohe Algorithmen für das Isomorphie-Problem mit Baumweite als Parameter
Gödicke, Maximilian SS 15 Schweitzer The iteration number of the Weisfeiler-Lehman algorithm
Joachim Redies WS 14/15 Grohe Defining PTIME Problems on Planar Graphs