Bachelor theses at the chair i7


The following list contains the bachelor's theses that have been submitted at the chair of computer science 7.


Submission Examiner Subject
Constantin Rettig SS 21 Grohe Lower Bounds for Learning Logical Concepts
Matthäus Micun SS 21 Grohe Counting and Sampling based on Nondeterministic Logspace Transducers
Attila Lischka SS 21 Grohe The logical Expressiveness of Graph Neural Networks
Jonas Groven SS 21 Grohe Tight FPT Approximations for k-Median and k-Means
Jonas Paul Förster SS 21 Löding Comparing Algorithms for Weak Parity Games
Martin Krüßel SS 21 Löding Probabilistic Finite Automata and Regular Languages
Jonathan Schneider SS 21 Löding Unambiguous Tree Automata
Gonzalo Martin Garcia WS 20/21 Grohe The Computational Completeness of Recurrent Neural Networks
Janik Thomas WS 20/21 Löding Learning Algorithms for k-testable Languages
Jagadish Singh WS 20/21 Löding Nondeterministic automata with XOR-acceptance
Boris Cushicondor Salguero WS 20/21 Grohe Homomorphism Indistinguishability over Structures of Bounded Tree Depth
Marc von Mirbach WS 20/21 Löding Simulation Relations over Tree Automata
Jonas Lindner WS 20/21 Grohe The Logical Structure of Probalistic Databases
Georg Anton Florey WS 20/21 Grohe Stable and Efficient Algorithms for Logarithmically Counting Homomorphisms from Selected Graph Classes
Benjamin Stutte WS 20/21 Grohe The-Grained Complexity of Longest Common Subsequence
Anna Maiworm WS 20/21 Löding A Comparison of Translations from LTL into Büchi Automata
Johannes Lehmann SS 20 Löding Exact Minimization of w-Automata
Jan-Christoph Kassing SS 20 Löding The Recursive Algorithm for Parity Games
Lea Schirp SS 20 Grohe Lower Bounds for the Weisfeiler-Leman Dimension of Graphs of Bounded Tree
Patrick Bögel SS 20 Grohe Counting Homomorphisms via Model Checking and Knowledge Compilation
Kevin Meder SS 20 Grohe Learning NP-complete problems with hard instances
Julian Esser SS 20 Löding A learning algorithm for the universal automaton of a language
Chantal Reinartz Groba SS 20 Löding A Comparison of Techniques for the Minimization of Deterministic Finite Automata
Timm Spork SS 20 Löding Decidability of Reachability for Infinite State Systems
Carolina Gerlach WS 19/20 Löding Learning Tree Automata on Unranked Trees
Nils Frahm SS 20 Grohe Efficient Computations of Graph Vector Embeddings
Louis Härtel WS 19/20 Grohe The Fine-Grained Complexity of First-Order Properties
Martin Theisen WS 19/20 Grohe Tabulation Hashing
Alina Ibach WS 19/20 Löding Regular Sensing for Nested Word Automata
Jonathan du Mesnil de Rochemont WS 19/20 Grohe The Complexity of First-Order Model Checking on Graphs of Bounded Tree Depth
Konrad Ostrowski WS 19/20 Löding A comparision of algorithms for automata learning on sparse data
Caspar Zecha WS 19/20 Löding A comparision of algorithms for automata learning on sparse data
Nils Freyer WS 19/20 Grohe Representations of Correlated Probabilistic Databases
Manea Razvan SS 19 Grohe Data Structures for Approximate Membership Queries
Markus Schimper SS 19 Grohe Weisfeiler-Leman based Graph Kernels
Luca Oeljeklaus SS 19 Grohe The Weisfeiler-Leman Dimension of Graphs of Bounded Tree Depth
Zeno Maximilian Bitter SS 19 Löding Learning Nested-Word Automata
Markus Baumann SS 19 Grohe Interactive Proof Systems for Counting Subgraphs
Roman Karwacik WS 18/19 Grohe Tree Edit Distance
Andrew Cornell WS 18/19 Löding Comparing top-down and bottom-up algorithms for pruning nondeterministic finite automata
Stefan Rehbold WS 18/19 Löding Learning Deterministic Nominal Automata
Philipp Selz WS 18/19 Grohe Space Complexity of Regular Languages in the Sliding Window Data Stream Model
Christian Blumenthal WS 18/19 Grohe A neural Algorithm for Similarity Search
Athena Riazsadri WS 18/19 Grohe Spectral Graph Similarity and Domination
Bianka Bakullari WS 18/19 Grohe The quantifier depth for distinguishing structures in first-order logic
Patrick Querl WS 18/19 Löding Active learning applied to passive learning of finite automata
Magnus Groß WS 18/19 Löding Canonical Automata for regular languages
Michael Scholkemper WS 18/19 Grohe Optimization-Based Hierarchical Clustering
Dominic Quirl WS 18/19 Löding Nondeterministic Automata with Deterministic Acceptance strategies
Tobias Schleifstein SS 18


Symmetric-Weighted Model Counting for 2-Variable Logic
Florian Frantzen SS 18 Grohe Algorithms for the Maxim Common Subtree Isomorphism Problem
Björn Plewinski SS 18 Grohe Distance-Aware Colour Refinement
Daniel Schleiz SS 18 Grohe Parameterized Approximability of Dominating Set
Stefanie Winkler SS 18 Grohe Similarity of Small Graphs
Florian Maximilian Behrens SS 18 Grohe Graph Autoencoder
Emre Yamen SS 18 Grohe End-to-End Graph Learning
Joshua von den Hoff SS 18 Löding Minimization of partially specified automata
Konstantin Kotenko SS 18 Löding The complexity of the slenderness problem for context-free and regular languages
Alex Lorenz SS 18 Löding Derivatives of Regular Expressions for the Construction of Finite Automata
Tom Biskup WS 17/18 Löding Lernverfahren für sequentielle Transducer
Joshua Fürste WS 17/18 Grohe Lower Bounds for Parallel Query Processing
Michael Mutert WS 17/18 Löding Ein Vergleich von Algorithmen für Spiele auf Pushdown-Automaten und kontextfreien Grammatiken
Jan Martin Tönshoff WS 17/18 Grohe Weisfeiler-Leman Kernels for Deep Neural Nets
Laurids Vollmann WS 17/18 Grohe Algorithmic aspects of Pfaffian Orientations
Dimitri Rusin WS 17/18 Grohe FO-Model-Checking auf einigen dichten Graphklassen mittels FO-Interpretationen
Mario Jörres WS 17/18 Grohe Anfragebearbeitung mit konstanter Verzögerung
Daniel Schmitz WS 17/18 Löding Methods for the Translation of Regular Expressions into Finite Automata
Yannick Epstein WS 17/18 Grohe Hashing Techniques for Computing Frequency Moments
Reintgen, Lorena WS 17/18 Schweitzer Preprocessing Algorithms for the Graph Isomorphism Problem
Mietze Tang SS 17 Löding The Connection between Visibly Pushdown and Operator Precedence Languages
Tran, Duc Thanh SS 17 Löding Complexity of Cardinality Problems for Automata on Infinite Words
Phillip Tse SS 17 Löding Komplexität der Determinierung von Automaten durch das Ausdünnen der Transitionsrelation
Maximilian Ohn WS 16/17 Löding Eigenschaften von limit-deterministischen Büchi-Automaten
Marc Meskes WS 16/17 Grohe On Hypertree Decompositions and Related Concepts
Sebastian Schaub WS 16/17 Grohe Filter für Datenströme
Florian Kasper WS 16/17 Grohe Ein Fragment der Logik zweiter Stufe für kontextfreie Sprachen
Erik Van Loo WS 16/17 Löding Das gemeinsame Fragment von CTL und LTL
Leon Bohn WS 16/17 Löding Determinisierung endlicher Automaten durch das Ausdünnen der Transitionsrelation
Lasse Nitz WS 16/17 Löding Hyper-Minimierung endlicher Automaten auf endlichen und unendlichen Wörtern
Vinzent Skawran WS 16/17 Grohe Lower Bounds for Partition Refinement Algorithms
Scharf, Kaspar WS 16/17 Schweitzer Isomorphism for planar graph classes via pebble games
Mock, Daniel WS 16/17 Schweitzer Algorithms computing the fixing number of planar graphs
Feith, Oliver WS 16/17 Schweitzer Decompositon Techniques for the Graph Isomorphism Problem
Sonja Zimmermann SS 16 Löding Minimierung eingabegesteuerter Kellerautomaten
Christopher Hugenroth SS 16 Löding Entscheidungsprobleme für gewichtete Automaten als Modell von Online-Algorithmen
Dmytro Bredschneider SS 16 Grohe Combinatorial Dimension Reduction for Linear Programs
Lars Beckers SS 16 Löding Sensing Complexity for Automata on Infinite words
Sven Schiller SS 16 Grohe Efficient Computation of 2-Vertex Strongly Connected Components and Related Problems
Torsten Rogoll SS 16 Löding Verband-Automaten auf unendlichen Wörtern
Hilke Buss WS 15/16 Löding Synchronisationssprachen zur Darstellung automatendefinerbarer Relationen
Thu Hang Khuat WS 15/16 Grohe Orientierung von Protein-Netzwerken mittels kürzester Pfade
Yordon Manolov WS 15/16 Löding Uniformisierung von rationalen Relationen
Leandro Eichenberger WS 15/16 Löding Complexity of regularity problems for visibly pushdown automata
Thomas Lange SS 15 Grohe Applications of algorithmic meta theorems to phylogenetics
Najibollah Azizi WS 14/15 Grohe Interactive Information Compexity
Ömer Sali SS 14 Grohe Computational Complexity of Evaluating Tree Automata
Richard Wilke SS 14 Grohe Logics with Multiteam Semantics
Oliver Scheel WS 13/14 Grohe Scheduling with Availability Times and Setup Costs
Maya Frickenschmidt WS 13/14 Grohe Definable Treelike Decompositions and Graph Properties in MSO